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Facts around bubbles

3 million bottles of champagne are produced every year under a bit less than 5 000 different brands.

80% of this volume is sold through the machinery of 322 Maisons, the big names of Champagne.

The 4 600 small and medium sized producers are squeezed under the domination of the big brands and most of them have taken the easier route to sell to the closest possible market.

In fact, only 14% of the champagne bottles produced by the small and medium producers end up outside the French borders.

And Qoupla ?

In this case Qoupla is opening the curtains for a different kind of selection rarely available outside France.

You are most likely a champagne amateur, part of a wine club, owner of a small local restaurant or the retail store round the corner.

Dedicated to serve the ones not always satisfied with the normal kind.

Qoupla has been set up in order to help these producers to find the right type of customer.