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How to order ?

There are two ways to order from Qoupla.
By becoming a bubble master you benefit from financial advantages and a large choice of champagnes and wines.

Become a Bubble Master

For the ones that have a larger group of wine lover friends or a big occasion for celebration, a group order is the most cost effective and flexible way to order through Qoupla.

The benefits of forming your own Bubble

  • Possibility to form larger group orders (minimum 18 boxes)
  • Cost efficiency on transport and handling cost (save up to 40% on direct deliveries)
  • Possibility to order from previously introduced producers (personal assistance to help you choose the right producer and products)
  • Tracking of your own palette from producer to the delivery address
  • Local taxes and duties paid on your behalf, safe and legal way to order wine directly from the producers.

How does it work?

  • Let us know the kind of preferences you have, and we will send you an offer.
  • Group up with your friends and family or calculate the total need for your celebration.
  • Place the order through the order page provided in the offer, confirm it by paying through secured connection at the end of the order page.
  • Once the order is packed, you will receive the full order on one palette to the destination of your choice.
  • Now you can taste the wines with your friends when they come and pick up their own cases.

Interested on creating your own Bubble ?

Producer of the Month

Qoupla introduces one new producer at the time opening the possibility for Qoupla members an order window 6-8 times per year.

The benefits of ordering through Producer of the Month offer

  • Hand picked small and medium producers, the great gems of wine makers.
  • Order for yourself or share only with closest ones (minimum 3 boxes)
  • Direct delivery to your own door
  • Local taxes and duties paid on your behalf, safe and legal way to order wine directly from the producers.

How does it work?

  • Subscribe to our news letter (pop-up page?) to receive the latest info on the Producer of the Month
  • Dive into the information provided on Qoupla’s PofM pages
  • Form a small group together with your closest friends or family, or decide to keep everything to yourself😊, and place the order through Qoupla’s order site
  • Once the order is paid, it will be transferred to the producer, who will gather all the orders and batch them together for one bigger order
  • Once this shipment arrives to the country of destination, it is diffused to every individual address with the help of our soft-handed last-mile partner

Interested on finding out about our latest Producer of the Month ?